The ocean of synthetic polymers has flooded the world in various forms: toothbrushes, water bottles and cosmetics, plastic bags and utensils, computers and telephones, stationery, clothing, packaging, furniture, etc. These things have become part of us and it’s hard to imagine modern life without them. The quantity of plastic products increases every day, and the pure environment decreases. Will it ever supplant humanity – its creator?

Ukrainian Art Group ArtZebs, with the participation of Vladimir Gulich, Anastasia Loiko and VJ Yarkus in the “Plastic Ocean” project comprehends how far humanity has gone into plastic usage, such a convenient, easy, flexible and cheap material. The artists bring into public discourse the subject of what humanity, which can not give up on plastic, should do in order to avoid the possibility of a large-scale environmental disaster.

The exhibition includes interactive plastic installations and sculptures, oil paintings and media art.

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