Artzebs is a collective of artists founded in 1998. The initiator of the group was artist Volodymyr Gulich. Among the members of the group at different times were artists and musicians: Andriy Stegura, Madjahs, Hennadiy Kozub, Viktor Pokydanets, Vika Begalska. Now Vladimir Gulich, Nastya Loyko, VJ Yarkus constantly work in ArtZebs group. ArtZebs works a lot with different media: painting, murals, gesso, installation, video mapping, laser projection, generative content and thus embodies and develops ideas of expression in contemporary art.

The members of the group declare the unity of art with modernity and the principles of mutual assistance in the integral system of the Universe. The combination of urban architecture, music, and digital video technologies creates unique artistic content – digital paintings, generative videos, and more.

ArtZebs takes as its starting point the artist s studio – internal work on the generation and implementation of artistic expression, its documentation.

Combining creative space and commercial space, artists get a platform to create and demonstrate their practice and resonate in public space and at the same time reflect on what all the changes that are happening in society and the world right now mean.  There is a multidisciplinary art practice, and it attracts , says artist Volodymyr Gulich,  the Artzebs art group has collected a collection of works: paintings, photos, objects, video art, video installations created for art projects such as:   Where are the vines lead? , expeditions  Kuyalnik  and  Papadokia , the symposium of contemporary art  Biruchy .

We are now continuing to explore the interactions between classical and modern art media. Active participant NFT movement.

Projects with participation Group Artzebs

2008 – … – the collaboration with Symposium of contemporary art Biruchiy: participation, organization together with the Union of Researchers of Contemporary Art.

2020 Transcarpatia residence, Dofa-foundation, Kyiv – Uzhhorod

2019 Land fair, Lavra Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine

2018 One-minute video mapping competition, 2nd place Japan

2017 Berlin Festival of Light. Bellevue Palace

2017 LPM, mapping Artzebs performance, winner, Amsterdam

2017 Papadokia. Expedition. Artifacts Educatorium, Kyiv

2016 River – the sea for V. Gulich video Zaporizhia Art Museum

2015 Aid for Haydarpasha station Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Lavra Coast Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine

2015- 016 I: O Helikon Art residence, Turkey

2014 International Symposium of Contemporary Art “Occupied by Art” Ukrainian project Artzebs Demonstration Hall of the National Art Gallery of Ternopil, Yermilov Center, Kharkiv

2013 International Symposium “Where are the vines? Mikhailovsky Ravelin Sevastopol

2012 In search of the Artzebs Museum, a former art museum in Yalta

2012 Art Arsenal, special project Biryuchy, Kyiv

2011 Variations Biruchy, Institute of Contemporary Art, Kyiv

2010 2nd Odessa Biennale, Odessa

2010 Kuyalnyk Expedition – Endangered Species, Odessa

2008 ESF Ultrashort Meter Festival, Moscow

2008 In the framework of the project Squirrel and Arrow Vladimir Gulich, Zaporozhye

2008 Art-Kyiv 2008 participant as a gallery.

2008 Terra Futura Festival, photo, video, Kherson

1998 8 Zebs NSHU Zaporozhye


Madjah`s for LAND FAIR