29.03 – 11.04.2019

“RA Gallery” presents new project by Volodymyr Gulich.

The author is the Ukrainian artist and curator of numerous art projects, particularly, the Biruchiy Symposium of contemporary art. His multi-faceted view in new series of works, united under the general title “Polygon” will be interesting to viewers.

Through the merged paintings, digital graphics, videos, the author gives the viewer an opportunity to choose where to get: into the huge portrait laughing at him, in the history of a monochrome striped monkey, in a colored landscape. Operating by optical art techniques, the author creates an illusion of geometry, generalized to the line, and the binary code of black and white stripes. The eye chooses something familiar, recognizes the silhouettes, gives them a meaning. However, there is something that can be noticed not immediately, which declare the abstract through the figurative, the emergence [1] of the quality of interactions, the preponderance of instinct, the spontaneous over rationality.

Volodymyr Gulich is a participant and artistic curator of the Artzebs art group. Artzebs is an anarchist artistic group, in which Nastya Loyko, VJ Yarkus, and Volodymyr are working now. Since 1998, such artists as Andriy Stegura, Victor Pokidanets, Vasyl Antonyuk, Gennadiy Kozub, Sergey Bratkov, and musicians from the band “Madjah’s” have participated in projects of Artzebs. The group announces itself at the world forums of video-mapping, including “LPM”, “Bucharest Light Festival” – a creative symbiosis of urban architecture, music and modern technology for implementing the ideas of expressiveness in contemporary art.

Music by DJ Kalashnikov

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergence

Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 32 Kyiv, Ukraine
13.00 – 19.00
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