Artzebs group: Nastya Loyko, VJ Yarkus, Volodymir Gulich, thank all participants and organizers of Kyiv Art Week 2019. For the second year, our group takes part in this important art forum for Ukraine. Spectators became more, and the joy of meetings.
This year was presented several works of our group.

“Polygon” 2019 12:41 projection light installation for Nicholas church.
The music of Kiev composer Ujif_notfound, his new album Process, became inspiring.


The project “Kitchen of Muses” was presented by the Ternopil Bunkermuz Gallery.

“Kitchen of the Muses” is a look at the scenes where future masterpieces are being prepared, a workshop that gives impetus to the minds of the bait of professional secrets. The artists of the Artzebs group offer to plunge into the depths of the “creation” process through the following media:  the emotional, spontaneous graphics, lighting installations, videos, books. It is “legitimizes” characters, the situations in the kitchen and makes viewers a co-founder of the “Kitchens of the Muses”.

Some moments from the “Kitchen of the Muses” by Sergey Anufriev and Alexey Markitan are presented in Nastya Loyko’s video. Fragment of the text from the project of Sergey “Museum of Museums” about what a museum is. The video forces the viewer to keep the focus of attention on the text presented sequentially in order to understand what is being said.


The book, as the material has repeatedly come to Volodymyr Gulich, which gives a second life to the book, escapes from the trash, interacts with the context. The books “Woe from Wit”, “Griboyedov Evenings” appeared during the project “In search of the museum” (Yalta); “Opinion Dnieper” appeared while working on the project “River-Sea” in Zaporozhye, later video works for KyivLightFest KLF 2017 were created after this art-book. The project was created in cooperation with the “Bunkermuz” gallery and with Igor Mamus.

Pixelart works by Nastya Loyko from the “Tiles Tseretelli” series were presented as part of the special project Biryuchy contemporary art project.




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