Ladies and gentlemen!

Vladimir Gulich – the outstanding Ukrainian artist. Why?

His work is beautiful and ambiguous as life. In each of his work there is a deep sense of love for the world.

In addition, he has 25 years to create an artistic environment in the city in which we live. It is not the capital, and, therefore, in our industrial city – a little of art. Each exhibition project of Vladimir – an event for connoisseurs of art. As curator, Vladimir invites artists from Ukraine and the world, and introduces the residents with high aspirations in the arts

For ease of smear and handling of material felt a lot of experience, knowledge and feelings. Gentle and sentimental, funny, his works are meditative, and each time they can find something new

On the canvason the wall or paper – his work live, are different. They are modern and near alone or through the screen. Artist’s hard to describe in words. His work must see

When Vladimir returned from his travels – he always brings the art part of the places where he had been – its air, rhythm and color. It’s like, do not buy a ticket and visa, you are in another corner of the world, barely crossed the threshold of the exhibition hall. The viewer realizes that the world is big and at the same time, small and fragile

I am not alone in his praise of Vladimir Gulich – in conversations, discussions, reviews say that the art of Vladimir attracts and awakens the viewer and colleagues.


Yours faithfully,

Catherine Ivanyuk,

Coordinator of the gallery A-I

Dnepropetrovsk, Krasnaya Square, 3

Tel .: (095) 712 34 23


Day of roses by Volodymir Gulich 2015 acrylic on canvas 30×30 cm

250$ BUY

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