The portrets of artists group Artzebs, on backgraund graffic by Gulich

On 4 pieces of paper, 250-120 picturesquely, monochromely depicts a garden at the bottom of the Kakhovka reservoir

Volodymyr Gulich

painter, graphic artist, curator, creates installations. Co-founder of the Union of Researchers in Contemporary Art, Symposium of Contemporary Art Biryuchiy. Lives in Ukraine.

Nastya Loyko

Nastya Loyko is the member of art-group Artzebs since 2008. Video art in different forms and installations, pixel art. Participant in many art projects in the world.

VJ Yarkus

VJ Yarkus (Yaroslav Kostenko) is engaged in 3D animation, video installations, visual accompaniment of concerts and festivals. He is also the founder and active participant of the “Ukrainian Association of Wid­gets”,  a design studio “DizArt”