Projects with participation Group Artzebs

2008-2018 – the collaboration with Symposium of contemporary art Biruchiy

2017 Berlin Light Festival

2017 LPM Mapping contest, winner, Amsterdam 2017 2017 Kyiv Light Festival, Dumka Dnipro with group Madjah’s

2015 «I: O Bahçecik». art residence Turkey

2014 «March. Ghosts of Livadia». Municipal Gallery Kharkiv

2014 «Occupation art» Hall NUAU Ternopil, Kharkiv Ermіlov center.

2013 International Symposium «Where are the vines?» St. Michael Ravelin Sevastopol

2013 «Private territory» art center «Apartment» Dnepropetrovsk

2013 «The Beach» Gallery «Karas» Kiev

2012 Artzebs project «In Search of the Museum» – former Art Museum Baryatinsky Yalta 2010 «Kuyal’nyk» expedition, ARTZEBS Gallery, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

2011 «Ghosts of Livadia» gallery «Green Pyramid» Sevastopol; Gallery «Karas» Kiev 2008 The project “Belka and Strelka”, installation, Zaporozhye

2008 «EVE», Artzebs Gallery, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

Artzebs is an anarchist artistic group, in which Nastya Loyko, VJ Yarkus, and Volodymyr are working now. Since 1998, such artists as Andriy Stegura, Victor Pokidanets, Vasyl Antonyuk, Gennadiy Kozub, Sergey Bratkov, and musicians from the band “Madjah’s” have participated in projects of Artzebs. The group announces itself at the world forums of video-mapping, including “LPM”, “Bucharest Light Festival” – a creative symbiosis of urban architecture, music and modern technology for implementing the ideas of expressiveness in contemporary art.


Volodymir Gulich

Volodymir Gulich is a painter, graphic artist, curator, creates installations. Co-founder of the Union of Researchers in Contemporary Art, Symposium of Contemporary Art Biryuchiy. Lives in Ukraine.


Nastya Loyko

Nastya Loyko is the member of art-group Artzebs since 2008. Video art in different forms and installations, pixel art. Participant in many art projects in the world.


VJ Yarkus

VJ Yarkus (Yaroslav Kostenko) is engaged in 3D animation, video installations, visual accompaniment of concerts and festivals. He is also the founder and active participant of the “Ukrainian Association of Wid­gets”,  a design studio “DizArt”



Madjah’s is the musician from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. They live in psychedelic, psychological, dramatic ambient-noise-free jazz.